Who We Are

Stanleigh Renovations - Since 2004

For over 15 years, Stanleigh Renovations has been providing the highest quality home renovation services in Toronto. We have built our reputation by striving to be the best, on every project.

We have built our reputation on the satisfaction of our clients which we achieve by constantly striving for the best. We do not compromise on quality in our materials, finishes, or work, and we are constantly educating ourselves on the latest materials, techniques, and building codes to ensure your home renovation project is done right.

We believe that what is behind the walls is as important as what is in front of them. Our commitment starts with experienced master trades, project and site managers, and home inspectors on staff to ensure your project meets your expectations.

Our collaborative and client-centric approach means that we are always working to make your dreams and vision a reality.

Sheldon Stanleigh


Sheldon Stanleigh leads the Stanleigh Renovations team, is actively involved in every home renovation project, and prides himself on being available to his customers throughout the process. Sheldon is a licensed Home Inspector, meaning you can trust that all work completed by Stanleigh Renovations is of the highest quality and meets all current building codes.