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Post the 9nth- What to Expect When You’re Expecting : How Communication (or lack thereof) can impact the project at the beginning stages

It’s not easy to see the finished product when nothing is there. Drawings, sketches, crayon-on-cardboard, can all help, but until all finished items are installed/painted/grouted/caulked etc, there’s really no way to have the full visual impact. The last thing I ever want to hear from a client is: “I thought it would different, more like […]

Post The 8th – Sticky Situations

Post The REAL 8thnSticky Situations – Is the Honeymoon Over?nnYes, it can feel that way sometimes, even for me, let’s be honest, we’re all human, we all make mistakes, I certainly have in the past. Maybe it was forgetting the proper tool needed, a general “what-else-is-going-to-go-wrong” bad day, Tim Hortons was closed, an unsatisfied employee […]

Post The Seventh: Your Questions Answered Part Deux!!nnHi Everyone! Well, it’s been around a year since we last spoke: Kids grew bigger, sleep got less, however Stanleigh Renovations grew much, much bigger, so things got quite busy for me, super apologies :). Thank you to everyone for the continued popularity and I will do my […]

Blog 3: The Threequel

nThe Second Date With Your SuitornnSo the first date went great, good conversation, nice candle-light discussion of where to place the bidet, and how to improve the flush on your toilet. You’ve talked to your friends, you checked the references, possibly have seen some work first hand, and the numbers given jive.nNow, not every contractor […]

Blog 2: The Sequel

nWhen people have contractors over to �bid� on a project, they�re looking for the cheapest price, I don�t care what you say, you can�t defend yourself here because it�s true. When you have contractors over to �look� at your project, then we�re talking! NOW you�re looking for the right PERSON vs the right PRICE. When […]

The First! Focusing on Beginnings

nWell, since this is the first Blog of what will hopefully be many for years to come (not to mention the first to help launch the best selling book, the magazine, and movie rights…possibly t-shirts, mugs, tape measures….), I guess I should say �Welcome�….so….WELCOME!!! Thank you for reading, enjoying, and not throwing anything until your […]