Month: October 2014

Post the 9nth- What to Expect When You’re Expecting : How Communication (or lack thereof) can impact the project at the beginning stages

It’s not easy to see the finished product when nothing is there. Drawings, sketches, crayon-on-cardboard, can all help, but until all finished items are installed/painted/grouted/caulked etc, there’s really no way to have the full visual impact. The last thing I ever want to hear from a client is: “I thought it would different, more like […]

Post The 8th – Sticky Situations

Post The REAL 8thnSticky Situations – Is the Honeymoon Over?nnYes, it can feel that way sometimes, even for me, let’s be honest, we’re all human, we all make mistakes, I certainly have in the past. Maybe it was forgetting the proper tool needed, a general “what-else-is-going-to-go-wrong” bad day, Tim Hortons was closed, an unsatisfied employee […]